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Hey, everyone!

So how is the tagging system working out so far? For the most part, everyone's been really good about tagging their posts, so keep it up, ne?

Regarding tagging, though, there are posts that aren't getting tagged. If I comment to your post asking you to tag, please, please, please tag your post! I would much rather you tag your post and get into the habit (especially if you're a frequent poster!) than me always tagging it for you. At the moment, anyone who's a member of this community can create tags and use them, so please, please make use of it.

Otherwise, I think that's it! As always, if you have any comments or concerns, feel free to comment here or contact me on my personal LJ. =)
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Uploads & Update!

KinKi Kids - Harmony of December (RE+LE) (320kbps) MU
KinKi Kids - SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! (3 tracks @192kbps) MU

TOKIO - Hikari no Machi/Run Free (Reg.Ed)(192kbps) MU

I'm really excited about this next stuff!!
V6 - Feel Your Breeze ~ One (full single @320kbps) MU
V6 - Making of Feel Your Breeze PV MU
V6 - Making of One PV feat Shoo of S.E.S. MU
V6 - Making of Darling PV MU
V6 - Volume 6 (2001 Album @320kbps) MU

Plus I've updated my earlier J-FRIENDS DISCOGRAPHY post here. I've added a few of their PV's which is half since they only had 6. :) J-FRIENDS is made up of all members of KinKi Kids, TOKIO & V6.

Enjoy and good luck with megaupload! :) No mirrors for now.
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Hello everyone~ This is one of the mods here at je_uploads. How is everyone? =3

Recently, I discussed using tags here with sashipi. How do you all feel about it? I was thinking about tags like "artist: kanjani8", "drama: hanazakari no kimitachi e", etc.

Also, please read the rules before you post. Lately, there's been image posts and post which are not asking for or sharing any media. Images are fine, but otherwise please make sure you're either requesting or uploading media.

If you have any other concerns or idea for the comm, feel free to reply here and tell me. =)
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Sharing some songs I love! :D Highly recommend WaT..and does anyone have any other PVs by them other than the ones I uploaded? Also looking for more SuJu mp3s and videos…especially U.

Feel free to friend kits_candy_land. It's my writing/graphics/upload comm. :D Check it out yeah?

( 200+uploads )

More than just JE uploads I hope that's okay...Wondering...is WaT JE? O.o I don't think so but you never know...Teppei was in a drama with Kame and Jin so.....Don't think Wentz has been in anything though lol *shuts up*
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