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Uploads & Update!

KinKi Kids - Harmony of December (RE+LE) (320kbps) MU
KinKi Kids - SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! (3 tracks @192kbps) MU

TOKIO - Hikari no Machi/Run Free (Reg.Ed)(192kbps) MU

I'm really excited about this next stuff!!
V6 - Feel Your Breeze ~ One (full single @320kbps) MU
V6 - Making of Feel Your Breeze PV MU
V6 - Making of One PV feat Shoo of S.E.S. MU
V6 - Making of Darling PV MU
V6 - Volume 6 (2001 Album @320kbps) MU

Plus I've updated my earlier J-FRIENDS DISCOGRAPHY post here. I've added a few of their PV's which is half since they only had 6. :) J-FRIENDS is made up of all members of KinKi Kids, TOKIO & V6.

Enjoy and good luck with megaupload! :) No mirrors for now.
Tags: artist: j-friends, artist: kinki kids, artist: tokio, artist: v6, media: album, media: single, media: video
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